soft hand, engineered to perform

We believe that your outdoor living space
has the potential to be just as inviting and
comfortable as any indoor space.
We have focused on quality over quantity to
ensure that each product we produce meets
our, and our customers, highest standards.

spend more time enjoying & less time worrying

our combination of protective finishes ensures that your outdoor furniture stays looking and feeling as good as the day it arrives. Teflon® extreme & hi-clean® provide an impenetrable barrier without compromising the softness or breathability of your patio furniture. together, these treatments make our fabrics resistant to grease and oil stains, water absorption, and dirt. just add water or rain to wash away any settling dust or dirt.

we're confident in our product so much that we offer a 10-year warranty; among the highest in the outdoor textile industry.

care & maintenance

all ecobello outdoor fabrics can be machine washed (up to 85°F) without compromising their protective properties. we recommend using a mild detergent when. for difficult stains, like coffee or wine, prewash your fabrics with a mix of 1 cup of bleach per 1 gallon. rinse throughly with clean, lukewarm water to remove any soap residue and allow the fabric to dry in the shade.